Dave Hoing and Roger Hileman

authors of historical fiction and fantasy

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“…with all the gritty, brutal real-life truth we expect from the genre, “In the Blood” is a 20th Century fairy tale.” —Carol Kean

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Order A Killing Snow

perf6.000x9.000.indd“…a superlative literary effort of historical fiction, related in a compelling style of prose, well worth the time of readers interested in such historically riveting fare.” —Midwest Book Review

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Order Hammon Falls

hf-cover_thb“A complex tale of young lovers, manipulative parents, and human failings which have repercussions that outlast generations.”   —Carol Kean

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Order Voices Of Arra

voices-cover_thb“Tense, gritty, full of marvelous and imaginative ideas, VOICES OF ARRA is a splendid introduction to a new world. Not quite the type of fantasy one comes to expect in the genre, this is a more mature viewpoint with trappings of both magic and the Middle Ages.”   —James Roberts

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Order Tales of Earth

toe-cover_thbOver a score of stories written in virtually every genre imaginable, from literary to historical to satire to science fiction and everything in between. The only thing they have in common, as the title suggests, is that all the stories are set on earth.

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Order A Survivor’s Tale

survivor-cover_thb“The exquisite interweaving of historical and science fiction that is A Survivor’s Tale lifts the work well above most other apocalyptic offerings.”   —Donald Schneider

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Early Praise



…a nice command of technical terms and convincing feel for the actual creation of improvisational music.

Jim Musser

Poignant, tragic, maddening, horrifying events, usually taken straight from real life, make all their stories unforgettable.

Carol Kean

About Us

Author photo Dave Hoing

Dave Hoing is retired from the University of Northern Iowa Library, where he was a Library Associate in the Special Collections and Archives unit. His tenure there could be measured on a geologic time scale, and he was often mistaken for one of the artifacts.

He lives in Waterloo, Iowa, with his wife Joni, a dog named Doodle, and a cat named Squeakers. His adult stepchildren, Jon and Jovan, have emigrated to the fantasy land known as California.

In his other life, from which he has not retired, Dave is a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, although he now concentrates on literary and historical fiction. In addition to writing, he pokes his fingers into a lot of other creative pies, dabbling in composing, drawing, painting, and sculpting. Music is his first love, but he concedes that he’s better at stringing words together than notes, so there are times when he must tear himself away from one kind of keyboard to work at another. He also enjoys traveling—42 states and 27 countries to date—and collecting books printed before 1800.


Roger divides his time between his two passions, writing and music. But with either, telling a story is the key. Roger prefers weaving tales with engrossing and inspiring landscapes. In Hammon Falls and A Killing Snow, novels coauthored with Dave Hoing, music plays a large role. Not only do singers, pianists, and fiddle players make repeated appearances, the authors weave musicality into the tale itself, employing lyrical dialogue and a well-cadenced story.

Roger gigs around Iowa with a jazz band and a British-style brass band, and directs a brass choir. He began his writing career as a playwright and screenwriter, but turned to prose when writing with Dave. Roger also enjoys history, especially the family kind, so his ancestors frequently become fodder for his fiction.

In his nonfiction world, Roger works at the University of Iowa College of Public Health, and lives with his wife lu in Iowa City, near most of their three daughters and four grandchildren. Roger claims to have no pets, but he plays a bass trombone he named Eddie.


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