My Antiquarian Book Collection

Hi, Dave here:

For those of you who are interested in antiquarian books, here’s a list of my collection of books printed between 1556-1899 as it now stands. My collection was once more glorious than it is now, with at least one book from every year since 1577, and about 35 nonconsecutive years older than that. My pride and joy was a book printed in 1474 — only 19 years after printing was invented. Sadly, I had to sell off the best of my collection, but what’s left still isn’t too bad: at least one book from every year since 1690, and a few older than that. They’re listed here in chronological order according to year of publication, but I also keep lists in alphabetical order by author and title. I have another bajillion or so printed in the 20th century, not counting paperbacks, of which I have about a bajillion more.

The format is date of publication, author’s last name, book title. An asterisk after the date indicates that no author was given in the book. Multi-volume sets are listed together on the same line unless the individual volumes were printed in different years, or if the set is incomplete, with nonconsecutive volumes.


1556, Cicero, Orationi di M.T. Ciceroni
1572, Cicero, Epistolarum ad Familares
1572, Cicero, Opera Omni
1572, Cicero, Orationes, v.1
1573, Cicero, Orationes, v.2-3
1573, Cicero, Epistolarum ad Atticus et Brutus
1573, Cicero, Philosophorum
1588, Coster, De Vita et Lautibus Deiparae Mariae Virginis
1597, Reusner, De Ivre Testamentorum …
1599, Bilson, The Effect of Certaine Sermons …
1642, Cicero, Epistolarum ad Familiares
1679, *, Tractatus Commerciorum & Navigationum
1684, Butler, Hudibras
1687, Novellus, Christianae
1690, Overall, Bishop Overall’s Convocation Book
1691, Echard, The Most Compleat Compendium of Geography
1692, Marana, Letters Writ by a Turkish Spy, v.4-5
1693, Norris, Practical Discourses Upon Several Divine Subjects
1694, *, Eikon Basilike Deutera
1695, Orleans, Histoire Des Revolutions d Angleterre
1696, Fouquet, Les Oeuvres de Mr. Fouquet
1697, Bruyere, Les Caracteres de Theophraste, v.1
1698, Besongne, Le’ Tat de la France …
1699, *, Recueil de Plusieurs Pieses …
1700, *, Proceedings of the House of Commons…
1701, Arnold, Qudvaders of Woestyniers
1702, Pliny, Les Letters de Pline le Jeune
1703, Collier, Essays upon Several Moral Subjects
1704, Dupin, Table Universelle
1704, Plutarch, Plutarch’s Morals, v.1
1704, Plutarch, Plutarch’s Morals, v.4
1705, Echard, Terence’s Comedies
1706, Monmorel, Homelies
1707, Rians, Saintes Croix des Dames
1708, LeSage, The Devil Upon Two Sticks
1709, Butler, Hudibras
1710, Beveridge, Thesaurus Theologicus
1711, Addison & Steele, The Tatler: the Lucubrations of Isaac Bickerstaff
1711, Addison & Steele, The Spectator, v.2
1711, Plautus, Comoediae In Duobus Voluminibus, v.1-2
1712, Blackmore, Creation, a Philosophical Poem
1712, Lindsay, Works … Newly Corrected
1713, Bourdaloue, Sermons de la Compagnie de Jesus
1713, Calamy, An Abridgement of Mr. Baxter’s History
1714, Bysshe, The British Parnassus
1714, Racine, Two Tragedies
1715, Crousaz, Reflexions sur L’Utility des Mathematiques
1715, Leslie, A Short and Easie Method with the Deists
1716, Dryden, The First & Second Parts of Miscellany Poems
1716, Plutarch, Plutarch’s Lives, v.1-5
1717, Bisse, The Beauty of Holiness
1717, Roscomon, Poems by the Earl of Roscomon
1718, Echard, Terence’s Comedies Made English
1719, Howell, The Ancient and Present State of England
1720, Butler, Hudibras
1720, Derham, Physico-Theology
1721, *, The Character of the Parliament
1722, Rowe, Lucan’s Pharsilia, v.2
1723, *, Continuation des Essais de Morale
1724, Steele, Biblioteque des Dames
1725, Hearne, Peter Langtost’s Chronicle
1725, Homer, Odyssey, v.3
1726, Addison, Remarks on Several Parts of Italy
1727, Waller, Poems Upon Several Occasions
1728, Otway, The Works of Mr. Otway
1729, Lucian, Dialogorum Selectorum Libri Duo
1730, Addison, The Works of the Late Right Honourable Joseph Addison, v.1-4
1730, Heineccius, Elementa Philosophiae Rationalis et Moralis
1731, Ercolani, Maria …
1731, Various Authors, The English Theatre, v.3
1732, Butler, Posthumous Works
1733, Steele, Dramatick Works of the Late Sir Richard Steele
1734, Marana, Letters Writ by a Turkish Spy, v.1-3
1734, Marana, Letters Writ by a Turkish Spy, v.5-8
1734, Shakespeare, Pericles, Prince of Tyre
1735, Danis, Tractatus de Fide, Spe, et Charitate
1735, Walpole, Some Considerations Concerning Publick Funds
1736, Steele, The Dramatick Works of the Late Sir Richard Steele
1737, Manwaring, An Historical Account of Eminent Authors
1738, *, L’Annee Chretienne, Conenant Les Messes …
1739, Sheridan, The Satyres of Persius
1740, Emery, Nouveau Recueil … Secrets de Medecine, v.1-2
1741, Marana, Letters Writ by a Turkish Spy, v.4
1742, *, Histoire Romaine
1742, Pope, The Dunciad
1743, Dryden, Original Poems and Translations …, v.1
1744, Waller, The Works of Edmund Waller
1745, Terence, Terence’s Comedies
1746, Bletterie, Vie de L’Empereur Julien
1746, Thomson, The Seasons
1747, Mall, The History of the Martyrs Epitomized, v.1
1747, Nazianze, Discours de St. Gregoire de Nazianze
1747, Schuberts, Frasual Bredigfen
1748, Bruckero, Miscellanea Historicae Philosophicae …
1748, Muratori, Rerum Italicarum Scriptore, v.1
1749, Borromee, Directeur Dans Les Voies du Salut …
1750, Campbell, The Lives of Admirals and other Eminent British Seamen, v.3
1750, Hervey, Meditations and Contemplations, v.1
1751, Griffiths, The Monthly Review, v.4
1751, Wycherley, The Country Wife
1752, Rhyselli, Episcoposcopia Sviogothica
1752, Rutty, A Treatise Concerning Christian Discipline
1752, Saunders, The English Apollo
1753, Glover, Boadicea
1753, Moore, The Gamester
1754, Derham, Physico-Theology, v.2
1754, Van Swieten, Commentaries Upon the Aphorisms of Dr. Herman Boerhaave
1755, Addison & Steele, The Spectator, v.8
1755, Toldervy, Select Epitaphs
1756, Rowe, The Works of Nicholas Rowe, v.1-2
1757, Burn, The Justice of the Peace and The Parish Officer, v.1
1757, Swift, The Works of Dr. Jonathan Swift
1758, *, Bible
1758, Smollett, A Complete History of England, v.4
1759, Butler, The Genuine Remains in Verse and Prose …, v.1-2
1760, Farquhar, Twin Rivals
1760, Young, The Complaint
1761, Hervey, Meditations and Contemplations, v.2
1761, LeSage, Histoire de Gil Blas, v.2
1761, LeSage, Histoire de Gil Blas, v.4
1761, Stanhope, Paraphrase and Comment Upon the Epistles …, v.2
1762, Crispin, Opera Omni quae Extant Interpretatione et Notis
1762, Griffiths, The Monthly Review, v.25
1763, Tasso, Jerusalem Delivered, v.1-2
1764, Horace, Odes, Epodes, and Carmen Seculare, v.2
1764, Pope, The Works of Alexander Pope, v.6
1765, Brooke, The History of Lady Jane Mandeville, v.1-2
1765, Olivet, Philippiques de Demosthene
1766, Addison & Steele, The Spectator, v.3
1766, Churchill, Poems
1766, Nepos, Excellentibus Viris Imperatorum
1767, *, Almanach des Muses
1767, Rousseau, Miscellaneous Works, v.2-5
1768, *, The Annual Register
1768, Collins, The Peerage of England, v.4
1769, Denham, Poems and Translations, with the Sophy
1769, Sterne, The Sermons of the Late Reverend Mr. Sterne, v.6
1770, Bickerstaffe, Tis Well It’s No Worse
1770, Muratori, Rerum Italicarum Scriptore, v.2
1771, Ablincourt, Comments de Cesar
1771, Celesia, Almida
1772, Butler, Hudibras, v.1-2
1773, *, Cantiques Sacres Pour les Principales
1773, Griffiths, The Monthly Review, v.48
1773, Nepos, The Lives of the Excellent Commanders
1774, Stanhope, Letters Written by … Philip Stanhope, v.2
1774, Thomson, The Seasons
1775, Chatelaine, Sermons dur Divers …, v.1-2
1776, Akenside, The Poems of Mark Akenside, v.1-2
1776, Gessner, The New Idylls …
1776, Pope, The Works of Alexander Pope, v.2
1776, Pope, The Works of Alexander Pope, v.4
1777, Josephus, The Works of Flavius Josephus, v.1
1777, Tacitus, The Works of Tacitus, v.2
1777, Various Authors, Twenty-Four Plays
1778, Josephus, The Works of Flavius Josephus, v.2
1778, Kippis, Bibliographia Britannica, v.1
1778, Milton, Paradise Lost, v.1
1778, Tacitus, Works of Tacitus, v.1
1779, *, The New Bath Guide
1779, Various Authors, The Works of the English Poets,v.10
1779, Various Authors, The Works of the English Poets, v.55
1780, Davies, Memoirs of the Life of David Garrick, v.2
1780, Dodd, Comfort for the Afflicted
1780, Kippis, Bibliographia Britannica, v.2
1781, *, Supplements a L’Histoire Philosophique
1781, *, Wahren Inspirations Gemeinschaften
1782, Mosheim, Ecclesiastical History
1782, Yorick, A Sentimental Journey Through Italy and France
1783, Cicero, Oevres de Ciceron
1784, Dodington, The Diary of the Late George Dodington
1784, Hervey, Theron and Aspasio
1785, Inchbald, Appearance Is Against Them
1785, Laurence , Criticisms on the Rolliad, Part I
1785, Milton, Paradise Regain’d, v.1-2
1786, Gray, The Poems of Mr. Gray
1786, Various Authors, An Asylum for Fugitive Pieces
1787, Griffiths, The Monthly Review, v.75
1787, Holcroft, Tales of the Castle
1788, *, Memoires Secrets, v.32
1788, Smollett, The Adventures of Peregrine Pickle, v.1
1789, *, Memoires Secrets, v.35
1789, Barclay, An Apology for the True Christian Divinity
1789, Hervey, Works, v.6
1790, *, An Act of Parliament
1790, Laurence, Criticisms on the Rolliad, Part II
1790, Milton, Paradise Lost, v.2
1791, St. Pierre, Etudes de la Nature, v.1-4
1792, *, Browne’s Bible
1792, Eschenburg, Handbuch der Klassischen Literatur
1792, Euripides, Euripidis Tragoediae Drama Satyricum …
1793, *, The London Chronicle
1793, Goldsmith, The Vicar of Wakefield
1794, *, Considerations on the French War …
1795, *, Valuable Secrets Concerning Arts and Trades
1795, Aikin, Letters From a Father to His Son
1795, Rousseau, Eloisa, v.1-3
1796, Delen, Samlade Arbeten
1796, Goudemetz, Historical Epochs of the French Revolution
1796, Sheridan, A Complete Dictionary of the English Language
1797, Fielding, The History of Tom Jones, v.1
1797, Otway & Moore, The Poetical Works of Thomas Otway and The Poetical Works of Edward Moore
1797, Pinkerton, The History of Scotland, v.1-2
1798, *, The Anti-Jacobin Review and Magazine
1798, Blair, Essays on Rhetorick
1799, *, Almanach des Muses
1799, Cicero, The Letters of Marcus Tullius Cicero, v.1-3
1799, Edwards, The History of the Works of Redemption
1799, Moore, Fables for the Female Sex (But probably printed in 1807)
1800, Dodsley, The Economy of Human Life
1800, Goldsmith, The Grecian History
1801, *, Almanach des Muses
1801, LaFontaine, Smarre Romaner
1802, Melmoth, Great Importance of a Religious Life Considered
1803, *, Laws of the United States of America, v.4
1803, Blair, Abridgement of Lectures on Rhetoric
1804, Horace, Opera, Notis et Interpretatione …
1805, Shulthess, Domilien uber die Offenbarung St. Johannes
1806, *, Port Folio
1807, Rousseau, Letters on the Elements of Botany
1808, Milton, Poetical Works of John Milton
1809, Warburton, Letters From a Late Eminent Prelate
1810, Hume, History of England, v.3-6
1810, Hume, History of England, v.8
1811, *, Almanach des Muses
1812, Mason, Select Remains of the Reverend John Mason
1813, Virgil, Opera, Notis et Interpretatione …
1814, Logan, Poems
1815, *, Almanach des Muses
1815, Scott, Field of Waterloo
1816, de la Hogue, Journee du Chretien
1817, *, Bible
1817, *, Gazetteer of Scotland
1817, Byron, Corsair, Lara
1817, Byron, Ode to Napolean Buonaparte
1818, Byron, Prisoner of Chillon …
1818, Eastman, Masonick Melodies
1819, Ingraham, Essay on Crimes and Punishment
1819, Isaacs, Doctrine of Universal Restoration …
1820, Byron, Beppo, Mazeppa
1821, Byron, Sardanapalus
1821, Laurentee, L’Eloquent Politique
1822, Dobell, New Selection of Nearly 800 Evangelical Hymns
1823, Byron, Marino Faliero
1823, Dwight, Theology Explained and Defended, v.1-4
1824, Cohen, Helige Schrift
1824, Fielding, Works, v.1-12
1825, Roberts, Treatise on Fraudulent Conveyances
1825, Sales, Koran, v.1-2
1826, Terry, Diary
1826, Williston, Five Books of The History of Cornelius Tacitus
1827, *, Harriet and Her Cousin
1828, Pierpont, National Reader
1829, Opie, Illustrations of Lying
1830, Goldsmith, History of the Earth and Animated Nature, v.1
1831, Sullivan, Political Class Book
1832, Burns, Works of Robert Burns
1832, Hicks, Journal of the Life and Religious Labours …
1833, Gallaudet, History of Jonah
1834, *, Life of Johnson
1835, *, Testament Newydd
1835, *, Diseases of the Eye
1836, Clark, Walk About Zion
1837, *, Polyglot Bible
1838, Voltaire, Histoire de Charles XII
1839, Murray, Introduction to the English Reader
1840, Blake, Young Orator
1841, Goldsmith, Miscellaneous Works
1841, Potter, Euripides, v.3
1842, *, Laws of the State of Maine
1842, Talfourd, Critical and Miscellaneous Writings
1843, *, American Dictionary of the English Language
1843, Aubigne, History of the Great Reformation
1844, Olmsted, Compendium of Natural Philosophy
1845, Motte-Fouque, Undine
1846, Beckmann, History of Inventions, v.1
1846, Hall, Universalism Against Itself
1847, Ainsworth, Old Saint Paul’s
1848, Andrews, First Lessons in Latin
1848, Anthon, Virgil’s Aeneid
1849, Shakespeare, Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare
1850, Covel, Concise Dictionary of the Holy Bible
1850, Tupper, Proverbial philosophy
1851, DeQuincey, Miscellaneous Essays
1852, Fuller, Fresh Leaves from Western Woods
1853, *, Bible
1853, *, McGuffey’s Rhetorical Guide
1853, *, McGuffey’s Rhetorical Guide
1853, *, McGuffey’s Third Eclectic Reader
1853, Scott, Poetical Works
1854, Hervey, Lilly Among Flowers
1855, *, Diseases of Women and Children
1855, James, Ancient Regime, v.1
1856, Gurney, Observations
1857, Davies, Elements of Geometry and Trigonometry
1857, Ray, Intellectual Arithmetic
1857, Ray, Practical Arithmetic
1858, Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress
1859, DeFoe, Robinson Crusoe
1860, *, American Dictionary of the English Language
1861, Hooker, Natural History
1862, Longfellow, Poems
1863, *, Woman and Her Saviour in Persia
1864, Flint, Life of Stephen A. Douglas
1865, *, Treatise on Mensuration
1865, Irving, Alhambra
1865, Raymond, Life and Public Services of Abraham Lincoln
1866, Homer, Iliad
1866, Pigot, Life of Man Symbolized
1866, Stoddard, American Intellectual Arithmetic
1867, Sanders, Union Fifth Reader
1868, Fleetwood, Life of Christ
1868, Harvey, Practical Grammar of the English Language
1868, Owen, Xenophon’s Anabasis
1869, Harkness, First Greek Reader
1869, Meunier, Great Hunting Grounds of the World
1869, Optic, Proud and Lazy
1870, *, Bible
1870, *, Book of Common Prayer
1870, Youmans, First Book of Botany
1871, Harte, Poems
1872, Upton, New Systems of Infantry Tactics
1873, *, Bible
1873, Monroe, Murphy’s Third Reader
1873, Niebur, History of Rome
1873, Sanders, Sixth Union Reader
1874, Clark, Normal Grammar
1874, Tyndall, Fragments of Science
1875, Parker, Paraclete
1875, Whittier, Complete Poetical Works
1876, Shakespeare, Complete Works
1877, *, Bible
1877, Shakespeare, Merchant of Venice
1878, Jebb, Greek Literature
1879, Swinton, Outlines of World History
1879, von Treitsdyke, Deutcher Rampfe …
1880,*, Dictionary of the American Language
1880, Macauley, History of England, v.3
1880, Pattison, Milton
1880, Symonds, Greek Literature, v.1-2
1880, Trevelyan, Early History of Charles James Fox
1880, Wallace, Ben Hur
1881, Lossing, Eminent Americans
1882, Brooke, English Literature
1882, Huxley, Hume
1882, Jebb, Huxley
1883, *, Bible
1883, *, Brief History of Ancient … and Modern People
1883, *, Century Magazine
1884, Blaine, Twenty Years of Congress, v.1
1884, Meredith, Lucile
1884, Thayer-Smith, Human Body and Its Health
1885, Poore, Life of U.S. Grant
1885, White, England Within and Without
1886, Blaine, Twenty Years of Congress, v.2
1886, Bronte, Jane Eyre
1886, Carlyle, On the Choice of Books
1887, Davis, Camp-Fire Chats of the Civil War
1888, *, Harper’s Fourth Reader
1888, Howells, April Hopes
1888, Wallace, Fair God
1888, Wyss, Swiss Family Robinson
1889, *, Century Magazine
1890, *, Bible
1890, Franklin, Autobiography
1890, Froude, Dissolution of the Monasteries
1890, Hartley, Life of General Francis Marion
1890, Hawthorne, Scarlett Letter
1890, Lamb, Tales of Shakespeare
1890, Lefebre-Laboulaye, Abdallah
1890, Murray, Abide in Christ
1890, Reid, Young Voyageurs
1890, Rollin, Ancient History, v.1/2
1890, Rollin, Ancient History, v.3/4
1890, Twain, Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court
1890, Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
1890, Whittier, Early Poems
1891, Byers, Happy Isles
1891, Church, Callias
1891, Locke, Demagogue
1892, Curtis, United States and Foreign Powers
1892, Howells, Imperative Duty
1892, Richards, Captain January
1893, *, Bible
1893, Jay, Rome and the Making of Modern Europe
1893, Marvel, Reveries of a Bachelor
1893, Prescott, History of the Conquest of Peru, v.1-2
1894, Dickens, Tale of Two Cities
1894, Emerson, Essays
1894, Ingelow, Poetical Works of Jean Ingelow
1894, Mahaffey, Social Life in Greece
1894, Meredith, Egoist
1895, Frantishka, Verny Sluzebnik
1895, Longfellow, Evangeline
1895, Milne, Standard Arithmetic
1896, Adams, Growth of the French Nation
1896, Quesada, War in Cuba
1897, Baldwin, School Reading by Grades
1897, Baldwin, School Reading by Grades
1897, Campbell, New Franklin Second Reader
1897, Knapp, Feudal and Modern Japan, v.1-2
1897, Norris, Marietta’s Marriage
1897, Pellison, Roman Life in Pliny’s Time
1897, Redway, Natural Elementary Geography
1897, Redway, Natural Elementary Geography
1897, Whitman, Imperial Germany
1898, *, Ridpath Library of Universal Literature, v.1-10
1898, Frye, Elements of Geography
1898, Lathrop, Memories of Hawthorne
1898, Robinson, Little Puritan Rebel
1898, White, Pictorial History of Our War with Spain
1899, *, Library of Universal History, v.1-12
1899, *, Nations of the World, v.1-7
1899, Coleridge, Ancient Mariner, Kubla Kahn, and Christabel
1899, Cyr, Fifth Reader
1899, Froude, Julius Caesar
1899, Mulbach, Napolean and Blucher

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