The Music Page

As the tagline of our website suggests, Roger and I are interested in both fiction and music. Roger is an amazing musician, playing trombone professionally in a big band.  His wife and three daughters are exceptional performers as well.

I am not.  Other than playing piano or guitar for the occasional wedding, I don’t perform in public. Just not my thing, primarily because I’m not all that confident in my performing abilities.

What I do, however, is compose.  A lot.  That keeps me behind the scenes, where I prefer to be musically.

I’m not inclined to post many of my original scores online, because doing so virtually eliminates the possibility of getting them published elsewhere.  (Posting them online constitutes publication, and few music outlets will accept anything that’s already been published, even if it was only on a personal website.)

That said, I also like to arrange other people’s music.  I recently wrote arrangements of the traditional English ballads “Greensleeves,” “Scarborough Fair,” and “Auld Lang Syne.”

I wrote a blog with a brief history of those songs, which may be found here:

A Brief History


Although the original songs are in public domain, my arrangements of them are not.  They are copyrighted and intended only for private use.

Click on the titles below to download some of our sheet music:

Auld Lang Syne

Passionate Shepherd