The Myth of Bones, Book I: The Forests of the Night

On Arra two species of human coexist in an indelicate balance, the ruling class Lyhians and the subjugated Drun. Interbreeding with Drun is forbidden. The offspring of such a coupling are called Cresyns, which are killed or cast out of society.

Strey, a female guide, escorts a Master of a powerful temple to the city of Echoes. They arrive just as Dritte, a Drun queen, stages an uprising. Brothers of the Temple muster to crush the rebellion, but the Drun have a terrible surprise waiting for them.

On the island of Kressa, another Brother is performing experiments to study a mind-disabling disease which affects all Drun at puberty. He enlists Ket, a young Cresyn, to assist him.  Ket is unlike any other Cresyn. He is only now beginning to learn how special he is.

Arin is a young girl when she is sent to apprentice with the Crowmaster Brind after the death of her father. Brind trains the messenger crows that are the only method of quick communication in Arra. All crowmasters have the “augraam,” the Gift of Knowing that allows them a special ability to understand and bond with the birds. Arin’s augraam is unusually strong, extending beyond the crows. She and Brind travel with an army sent to quell the uprising in Echoes, which leads her to a deeper understanding of her gift and herself.

Anthropology is in its infancy, but new discoveries are piecing together clues to a mystery in Arra’s distant past. After her family succumbs to an epidemic, Strey joins an expedition to the forests of the Drun’s ancestral home continent. Although deemed scientific, the mission is financed by a rich Lyhian benefactor whom they suspect has ulterior motives.

From separate parts of the world, Ket, Strey and Arin must discover the secrets behind the Drun’s power before war decimates both species. The Myth of Bones, Book One: The Forests of the Night is the first book of an epic adventure in the harsh, yet strangely beautiful world of Arra.

The Myth of Bones, Book Two: Too Long in a Strange Country and The Myth of Bones, Book Three: Convergence complete the trilogy.