In the Blood

Nineteen-year-old K.C. Brown dreams of playing jazz with the best, and where she’s from, the best is a band called the Bluenotes. A prodigy on sax and piano, K.C. defies the wishes of her family by pursuing a career in music. To make matters worse, the year is 1948, the band is comprised of middle-aged black men, and K.C. is a white girl living in a racially divided city in Iowa.

After failing her first audition, she turns to Freddie Ross, the Bluenotes’ booking agent and trombone player. In deteriorating health and a broken marriage, Freddie takes K.C. under his wing and teaches her what it means to be a jazz musician.

To succeed, K.C., Freddie, and the band must overcome resistance from both sides of the color barrier, and accept that ambition often comes with irreplaceable loss.